About Us

Welcome to Nati’s on Priory, a neighbourhood café in North London serving speciality coffee and great food.

My great great aunt, Mariska Vizvary’s famous Hungarian cookbook

Despite having opened our doors in 2015, the foundation of Nati’s on Priory dates back to the early 1900s, with my great great aunt, Mariska Vizvary. Once a celebrated actor, Mariska wrote one of pioneering cookbooks in Hungary, bringing the specialities of French-Style Cuisine to Eastern Europe.

Many of the dishes and cakes at the café are my childhood favourites, including my mum’s twice baked potato rosti. My love of baking started at a young age after watching my talented grandmother stretching strudel pastry on the family dining table until it was perfectly see-through – sadly, it is not a skill which I ever managed to learn from her! When I was nine, I created my first kuglof (Guggelhopf) and then spent several years trying to perfect a recipe for cinnamon and chocolate rolls, which are typical breakfast pastries in Hungary.

Some of the recipes handed down through my family

After moving to London, I developed an interest in artisan food and speciality coffee. Travelling to the Middle East, I discovered the beautiful freshness of the local food such as shakshuka and a typical brunch that includes eggs, salad, bread, spreads and dips which promises to fill you up for the rest of the day!

We believe in fresh, high-quality ingredients and making everything from scratch. As for atmosphere, we think great food is best served with a beautiful slice of homemade cake and a great cup of coffee.